Sky Broadband and Phone

Why choose this package?

If you want unlimited download capacity then Sky Broadband may appeal as several of their broadband packages offer unlimited download capability. If you like downloading movies, TV programmes or music it may be the right choice for you, or if there will be several devices logging on to the Internet at the same time. The two principal options are Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited.

Sky seems to look after its customers well. According to an Ofcom report in 2012, Sky Broadband provides one of the best overall customer service compared with other UK broadband providers.

Contracts for Sky Broadband are shorter than several of the other providers (12 months), which can be attractive if you don’t want to be locked into the more standard 18-month contracts.

Sky Broadband often offers introductory deals giving free or discounted rental for 6 or even 12 months.

With Sky Broadband packages you must take a Sky landline rental. However, as part of your package you’ll get free weekend calls.

Once you have ordered Sky Broadband it will take up to 15 days for it to become active. The Sky Hub wireless router will be delivered to your home first – you will need to set this up yourself although you just need to follow the on-screen instructions. This usually takes 6 – 7 days and you’ll be up and running about a week later.


  • Free access to Sky wi-fi public hotspots using up to 6 devices – unlimited mobile data allowance and download speeds of up to 5Mbs.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • 12 months free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite on all broadband only packages

Technical specs

  • Sky network area covers 83 percent of the UK. Fibre optic area is less (33 percent) but is being rolled out across the UK.
  • Download speeds in fibre optic areas are between 38Mbs – 76Mbs.
  • Sky Hub wireless ‘N’ router: A protected wi-fi connector that comes with Sky Smart Signal, designed to overcome interference in the home and select the best wireless channel. Also has a low energy mode.


Sky Broadband Unlimited: (Available within the Sky network area – 83 percent of UK homes)

  • Completely unlimited downloads with no monthly cap.
  • Free Sky Talk Weekends – inclusive minutes to UK landline numbers.
  • Option to upgrade to Sky Talk Anytime.

Sky Fibre Unlimited: (Available in fibre optic broadband network areas only)

  • Download speeds of up to 38Mbs.
  • Completely unlimited downloads with no monthly cap.

Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro: (Available in fibre optic broadband network areas only)

  • Download speeds of up to 76Mbs.
  • Completely unlimited downloads with no monthly cap.

Sky Broadband Connect: (For those outside of the Sky network area)

  • 40GB monthly usage allowance
  • Upload speeds of up to 448Kb upload speed.
  • Free parental controls for up to 3 PCs. 

Fees & Contracts

12-month contracts apply.

All Sky Broadband customers must take a Sky line rental. Sky charges a line rental with the annual cost charged up front. However, it occasionally has introductory offers covering the cost of the first 12 months. If customers do not have a compatible line a connection charge may apply.

Sky Broadband Connect has a set-up charge for existing customers.

Sky Fibre Unlimited has a set-up charge.

Existing Sky Broadband customers are charged for the Sky Hub wireless router.

Delivery charge for wireless router (existing customers only).

30-day refund policy – on subscription charges (refund doesn’t apply to set-up or call charges).